Past projects


ENERGYSCAPE – Recommendations for Landscape Development through Renewable Energy Infrastructures in Switzerland

3D DSS – 3D Decision Support System for Power Transmission Line Planning

GrVis – Communicating and deliberating services of riverine zones effectively

ESMERALDA – Enhancing ecosystem services mapping for policy and decision making

Further Developments for Agricultural Planning (LP+)

NatCap – Assessing Singapore’s Natural Capital

PALM 2.0 – Intercommunal potential analysis of the resource soil for sustainable land management

Polisol – Policy Instruments for Sustainable Soil and Land Use Management and their Acceptance

Social values and aspirations for coastal waters of the Kimberley

Exploring Access to Nature Play in Urban Parks: Resilience, Sustainability, and Early Childhood

An Uncontrollable Factor? The Role of Social Media in Urban Planning

Urban Daily Life and Travel Study

SoftGIS/PPGIS development


Sosioecological tools for the planning of Kainuu tourism

Everyday Urbanity

Reshaping the planning process using local experiences: Utilising PPGIS in participatory urban planning

Urban Happiness – the eco-social sustainability of urban environment

They’ll never walk alone? The multiple settings of children’s active transportation and independent mobility

Health promoting urban environment (PLAN-H)

Perceived safety of Muotiala neighbourhood with CPTED planning

Rethinking tourism conflict potential within and between groups using participatory mapping

Children as urbanites in Helsinki and Tokyo

ENJUSTESS – Access, equity and participation in the use and management of aquatic environments in the Helsinki region

Participatory mapping with experts and local communities for integrated coastal and marine spatial planning in Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania

Spatial units of analysis: are there better ways? (Doctoral dissertation)

Participatory mapping methodology for official village land use planning in Tanzania

CONNECT- participatory mapping of land use and ecosystem services prioritisations in the Arctic

Mapping values for urban green space in New South Wales, Australia

Perceived safety of a retrofit neighbourhood

ActivAGE – Supportive environments for active ageing

Participatory mapping of landscape service indicators in rural communities of Zanzibar islands, Tanzania

Sustainability, scale relations and structure-function-benefit chains in the landscape systems of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands (SUSLAND)

Open participatory mapping data

Mapping perceived ecosystem service benefits in multifunctional landscapes across Europe

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