Project description

As part of the project, the University of Kassel in collaboration with SINCERE’s partners and the H2020 project Innoforest, developed a PPGIS survey filled by European forest owners and managers where they linked their forest with their perceptions of supply and demand of Forest Ecosystem Services, as well as aspects related to profitability and forest innovations (

Research themes

Ecosystem management

Integrated landscape management

Project details

  • Start date:
    January 1, 2018
  • End date:
    December 31, 2022
  • Location:
  • Funded by:
    Horizon 2020
  • Objectives:
    Assess the relationship between supply and demand of forest ecosystem services, innovation development and the social-ecological context in European forests

Project contact

Mario Torralba

University of Kassel

Participating partners

Marko Lovrić

European Forest Institute

Related publications

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