Rethinking tourism conflict potential within and between groups using participatory mapping

Project description

The aim of this study was to develop a series of new spatial metrics to support sustainable development on Tioman Island, Malaysia.  The project presented a novel method for mapping the nuances in conflict across different levels of attitude toward tourism development within and between different segments of the population. The research was collaboration between a number of academics from University of Nottingham Malaysia, University of Helsinki,  University of Twente along with a NGO located on the island named Reefcheck.



Research themes

Integrated landscape management

Private: PPGIS and VGI methods development

Project details

  • Start date:
    May 1, 2018
  • End date:
    July 1, 2020
  • Location:
    Tioman Island, Malaysia
  • Funded by:
    Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
  • Objectives:
    Support tourism planning on small tropical islands by accounting for conflict between groups.

Project contact

Alex M. Lechner

School of Environmental and Geographical sciences, University of Nottingham Malaysia; Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health, School of Geography, University of Lincoln

Participating partners

Laura N. H. Verbrugge

Aalto University

Christopher Raymond

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki

Alvin Chelliah

Reef Check, Malaysia

Michelle Li Ern Ang

School of Environmental and Geographical sciences, University of Nottingham Malaysia

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