Project description

Within ECOPOTENTIAL, a modelling approach that integrates different types of information into Bayesian networks (BNs) was developed. BNs are commonly used to model socio-ecological systems, as their graphical structure supports participatory modelling, they can integrate quantitative data and qualitative knowledge, and account for uncertainty. However, there is a lack of openly available and easy-to-use tools to run BNs with spatial data over time. Therefore, the online platform gBay ( was developed, where users can link their BNs to spatial data, run the network iteratively to incorporate dynamics and feedbacks, and add geo-processing calculations to account for spatial interactions. Further information:

Research themes

Ecosystem management

Integrated landscape management

Participatory planning

Project details

  • Start date:
    December 1, 2015
  • End date:
    June 30, 2019
  • Location:
  • Funded by:
    EU Horizon 2020
  • Objectives:
    Developing an online platform for supporting more accessible and flexible socio-ecological modelling

Project contact

Adrienne Grêt-Regamey

ETH Zurich, Institute for Spatial and Landscape Development, Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems (PLUS)

Team members

  • Adrienne Grêt-Regamey
  • Ana Stritih
  • Sven-Erik Rabe
  • Orencio Robaina
  • Enrico Celio

Participating partners

Related publications

Stritih, A., Rabe, S.-E., Robaina Martinez de Salinas, O., Grêt-Regamey, A. & Celio, E. (2020). An online platform for spatial and iterative modelling with Bayesian Networks. Environmental Modelling & Software 127, 104658.

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