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How to promote your own work through participatory mapping network?

We at the administrative site of PMAP community want to highlight to everyone that there is an opportunity to promote and share your own work through the PMAP website. It is fairly easy to add your own publications and projects to the website.

Below are the general instructions how to become a member of the Participatory Mapping -network and how to share your work. It can be simply done by visiting our website and by giving the needed information:


By choosing one of the four tabs, you can:

  • Become a member (just give your name, title and institution and upload your photo)
  • Share your Participatory Mapping project (here you are expected to provide a bit more information, e.g., a short description of your project and a figure or other visualization about your project)
  • Share your publication (Here you are asked to give the basic information about the project and also to choose one of the 8 themes of Participatory Mapping (e.g., Marine and coastal planning)
  • Join our mailing list

When sharing your own participatory mapping -project, it is a good idea to check the descriptions of the existing projects. Please also notice that the projects are classified as current and past projects: participatorymapping.org/projects/

We hope these instructions are sufficient to help you joining the network. We are very much looking forward to learning more about your work!

Participatory Mapping Institute
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