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Guide to Victorian Public Land Values and Preferences

In 2014, we asked Victorians to identify and map public land values across the entire state. They could map the following landscape values: Scenic, Recreation, Economic, Biological, Life Sustaining, Science/education, Heritage, Spiritual, Therapeutic, Intrinsic/existence, and Wilderness values. We also asked what changes they would like to see(or not see) in public land management. Options ranged from stronger protection (conservation of public lands) to greater utilization (resource extraction or use or public lands). Over 1900 people participated in the study mapping over 35,000 public land locations (about 30,000 values and 5000 preferences). This website allows you to view some of the results.
1.To view the public land values and preferences, click on to see the results as Google Maps overlays. You can turn the different map layers on/off by checking the boxes.

2.Use the "Quick Navigation" dropdown menu to easily move to different locatiions in Victoria.

3.The data was collected as points. Higher concentrations of points are shown by colours that range from lighter colour such as yellow (fewer points) to darker colour such as red (more points).

4.You can close the web browser when done.

5.More information about the study will be available later in 2014.

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