GreenPlace – 3D PPGIS approaches in urban green area planning

Project description

Increasing urban population creates pressure to densify the urban structure but at the same time to stay liveable by sustaining urban nature and green infrastructure. It is of outmost importance for urban planners to know in detail where the green areas and elements contributing to people’s wellbeing (i.e. ecosystem services) are located. GreenPlace project aims to develop and test in Finland and Denmark three dimensional (3D) landscape platform that enable mapping place-based perceptions of urban dwellers in a new way. The essential innovation of this research is to integrate 3D virtual landscapes developed by modern laser scanning and photogrammetry approaches with map-based web survey (Public Participation GIS, PPGIS) which creates a unique platform for capturing place-based perceptions. Methods are also developed for analysing 3D PPGIS data. Furthermore, an in-depth evaluation of the potential and challenges of 3D PPGIS approaches in participatory spatial planning is performed.

Research themes

Ecosystem management

Participatory planning

Project details

  • Start date:
    September 1, 2019
  • End date:
    August 31, 2020
  • Location:
    Finland, Denmark
  • Funded by:
    Academy of Finland
  • Objectives:
    Wellbeing benefits of urban green infrastructure mapped through participation and 3D virtual landscapes

Project contact

Nora Fagerholm

University of Turku

Participating partners

Anton Stahl Olafsson

University of Copenhagen

Salla Eilola

University of Turku

Related publications

Hasanzadeh, K., Fagerholm, N., Skov-Petersen, H., Stahl Olafsson, A. (2023). A methodological framework for analyzing PPGIS data collected in 3D. International Journal of Digital Earth, 16, 3435-3455.

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