CO-CARBON: Envisioning carbon-smart and just urban green infrastructure

Project description

We will administer online and workshop based surveys to random samples of adults and youth in the case study areas to better understand their place-based values for carbon-smart urban green infrastructure (UGI) on private, semi-public and public lands.  We will also elicit their environmental justice concerns with regards to the implementation of UGI (including recognition issues associated with gender, ethnicity and class).  We will also assess residents’ preferences for policy instruments and incentives (e.g., education, finance, carbon-offsets) to steer residents towards carbon-smart UGI.

Research themes

Participatory planning

Active living and urban lifestyles

Project details

  • Start date:
    October 1, 2020
  • End date:
    December 31, 2024
  • Location:
    Helsinki, Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Copenhagen
  • Funded by:
    Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland
  • Objectives:
    WP3 will develop a new public participation GIS method to promote the consideration and use of carbon-smart UGI by youth and adults in ways that address justice and well-being needs

Project contact

Christopher Raymond

University of Helsinki

Participating partners

Anton Stahl Olafsson

University of Copenhagen

Natalie Gulsrud

University of Copenhagen

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