New paper out on a methodological framework for analysis of participatory mapping data in research, planning, and management

This new paper by Fagerholm et al. (2021) presents a framework of methods for categorizing PPGIS data.  We consider three phases:  Explore, Explain, and Predict/Model. Explore involves descriptive and univariate analysis of PPGIS data and generation of visual outputs. Spatial patterns are identified for one attribute at a time (univariate analysis) and compared across available attributes. Explain seeks to look more closely at observations than the Explore phase, in order to explain observations by further analysis. Predict/Model aims to generalize and predict mapped attributes to other places and contexts (prediction) or produce a representation of a system to make inferences (model).

International Society for Participatory Mapping webinar (13 April 2021)

On April 13th, join our partners at “International Society for Participatory Mapping” for the first of their storytelling webinar series ‘Story Lines: Experiences of participatory mapping.

“” In Episode 1 we explore the roots of our practice. Host Jon Corbett and three recognized leaders in participatory mapping will reflect on their experiences and the development of this field of practice. Drawing on many decades of applied work, our speakers will share anecdotes and lessons learned, as well as consider the future development of participatory mapping methods and our community of practice.


  • Wendy Brawer, Founder and Director, Green Map System
  • Giacomo Rambaldi, Senior Programme Coordinator, ICT4AG, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation
  • Mike McCall, Senior Researcher, Centre for Research in Environmental Geography (CIGA), National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Hosted by Jon Corbett, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia “”

Learn more and register here.

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